About Us

Meet our Family:

Paul-Owner/Burlington Store Manager

Paul was your typical blue collar working man who happened to have a 2+ pack a day habit of smoking. After graduating UofT with BAs in both Economics and Philosophy he went to work for his father. His decision to start vaping was more Lori's idea (he has since thanked her lol). Paul will be found most days working in the Burlington location as his love of meeting new people needs to be fed.


Lori-Owner/Office Manager

Lori comes from Management in the Food Industry and took up smoking at 18 yrs old which grew into a pack/day habit for many years. After switching to Vaping (painlessly) she wanted everyone to know how easy it was to escape the clutches of cigarettes. Lori now runs the office.


Matthew- Mississauga Store Manager

Matthew is the youngest of the Twisted Family, but don't let that fool you. He is also the most knowledgeable. He's the go-to guy in the Mississauga store to get you started or to troubleshoot your coil building. Mississauga is his home store.


Rebecca- Purchasing Manager

Rebecca is friendly, patient and quirky. When seen in her own environment she can be spotted dancing and meowing. Customers love her! Rebecca has been moved to the Burlington store in order to assist in purchasing.


Johnny- Assistant Store Manager

Johnny was headhunted by Lori because she saw that he would be a great addition and she wasn't wrong. Most of our customers will recognize him from the many EB Games that he managed over the years. Johnny makes himself right at home in the Mississauga store and it shows! 


James- Part Time CSR

James had been a loyal customer of Twisted for a long time and was our first hire outside of the Family. James comes from Sales and maintains great relationships with the people he encounters. He quickly blended into the family and we are lucky to have him in both stores.


Tyler- Part Time CSR

Tyler joined us summer of 18. He brings with him a very professional manner and has quickly earned the reputation of being the go-to guy for flavours. He's been spot on with recommendations so far. Tyler will be in the Mississauga store for all your vaping needs and recommendations.


Curtis- Part Time CSR

Curtis is the newest member of our Twisted family. He has a keen eye for photography and a passion for helping new vapers. With his extensive knowledge of vaporizers, he is certain to help you select the right product! Curtis' main store is Mississauga, but he lends a helping hand in Burlington when we light up the bat signal.


Twisted Coil Vapes will be your one-stop for everything E-cigarette related. From beginner to advanced, we will supply you with what you need. We are a fast growing company because we always put the customer first. Shop with us today and see the difference. We encourage you to come by and visit, hang out in our shop to sample juices before you buy or to meet other new and experienced vapers.

If you need to reach out to us you can email us contact@twistedcoilvapes.ca