FAQ Page

There seems to be a lot of controversy over the use of E-Cigarettes and their liquids these days in the media. While we believe that they are safe for use (and use them ourselves) we have come up with a list of commonly asked questions.

1) Can you use a personal atomizer for illicit use?

While these products are readily available, we do not use or sell these items. We won't even provide you with a link to find such items.

2) Are they legal in Canada?

As of right now, these products are neither legal or illegal for use or for sale. We are law abiding citizens (except for a few speeding tickets) and will uphold the law when (not if) it becomes a regulated industry in Canada. We are evolving with the industry and will 'roll with the punches' as they come.

3)Why can't they be sold as a stop smoking cessation?

While many vapers have certainly used these products to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, the industry as a whole, is still pretty new. There are years of research that needs to be done to have the health claims associated with them. We prefer to claim that it is "a healthier alternative" to smoking.

4) How do I know what nic strength I should start with?

0 Cigarettes a day= 0 Mg Nic

1-9 Cigarettes a day= 3 Mg Nic

10-16 Cigarettes a day= 6 Mg Nic

17-25 Cigarettes a day= 12 Mg Nic

If you smoke more than a pack a day you don't really need to increase the amount of nicotine as you will find yourself changing how you are receiving the nicotine your body craves. You may find yourself puffing away constantly and then as your mind gets used to  the new delivery system you'll naturally wean yourself down. These strengths may need to be reduced with some of the newer higher powered devices on the market.

If your goal is to quit nicotine altogether, you'll have to listen to your own body. Everyone will be different . You may spend months at one level before you take down your dosage or you may drop within weeks.

Many vapers enjoy the flavour, the habit, and the social aspect that comes from vaping and may choose to lower their dosage without any intention of 'kicking the habit'