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Experience flavour beyond limits with STLTH MONSTER PODS! Designed for seamless compatibility with the STLTH TYPE-C DEVICE, these revolutionary pods are brimming with innovations that will transport your vaping adventure to astonishing new heights. Get ready to revel in vaping satisfaction like never before. STLTH MONSTER PODS have been painstakingly crafted to deliver elevated satisfaction and an enhanced flavour experience, rivalling that of disposable vape devices.

STLTH MONSTER Pods feature a distinctive nicotine blend designed for a remarkably smooth transition for adult smokers. With the incorporation of vertical mesh coil technology, your taste buds will be treated to flavours that burst with intensity, taking your palate on a smooth and exhilarating ride. Improvements in airflow and vapour production ensure a smooth and satisfying vaping experience with STLTH MONSTER Pods, from the first draw to the last puff.

STLTH MONSTER Pods come with a fresh, new look, boasting a user-friendly visible e-liquid design and a sleek, ergonomic mouthpiece. The visible e-liquid design ensures you're always in the know about your vape juice levels, and the comfortable slim mouthpiece will have you enjoying every draw with unparalleled ease. Prepare to embark on a flavour expedition like never before with a vibrant array of 21 bold and exciting flavours, each designed to tantalize your taste buds. Elevate your satisfaction with STLTH MONSTER

Each STLTH MONSTER POD PACK includes two 2.0 mL pre-filled pod cartridges fitted with pre-installed freshness rods. Simply remove the rod to vape instantly.


  • Designed for the STLTH Type-C Device
  • Visible E-liquid Design
  • Integrated Vertical Mesh Coil For Exceptional Flavour Delivery
  • Includes Five Pod Packs Per Carton
  • Includes Two 2.0 mL Pod Cartridges Per Pack


BLUE WATERMELON ICE: Juicy watermelon and tangy blue raspberry, harmoniously infused with a frosty blast of ice.

HYPE ICE: A frosty and invigorating fusion of bold, electrifying flavours that will send a surge of energy through you with every puff. 

MANGO LYCHEE ICE: Savour the exotic allure of sun-kissed mango and the delicate sweetness of lychee, perfectly balanced and enhanced by a refreshing icy embrace. 

PEACH BERRIES ICE: Succulent peaches and a medley of ripe, wild berries are masterfully united with a bracing icy touch, creating a symphony of fruity perfection with a thrilling, frosty twist that will leave you craving more.

RASPBERRY LEMON LIME ICE: A tantalizing trio of succulent raspberries, zesty lemons, and zingy limes, all perfectly balanced and crowned with a refreshing icy finish for an explosion of vibrant, frosty, and citrusy bliss in every vape.