This one is from the heart. Paul and I have been agonizing over this decision for what feels like an eternity. We had to make the most difficult decision since we opened (and there have been some doozies over the years). We feel like no matter what move we make, we are letting someone down. It is not a great position to be in.

We thought we were just starting to recover from the great EVALI debacle of 2019 and then the world got hit with the coronavirus. We, like you, never anticipated it to get to this magnitude. The little bubble that we call our lives was rudely invaded. Covd-19 is nothing like most of us have seen in our lifetime and therefore our reactions have been all over the place. From rolling our eyes to the toilet paper hoarders to wishing we WERE the toilet paper hoarders. I don't think any of us are able to fully comprehend the sheer magnitude of this pandemic. It has left no one untouched.

The news came down from Doug Ford today that all non-essential businesses must close. This list has not been released so we don't even know if we'll be on it. Our decision is strictly a personal one. Those faces that you see behind the counter everyday are our family, literally. Matthew, Rebecca, Johnny and Curtis have gone above and beyond for us and to them we are forever grateful. As parents it broke our hearts to think we were putting anyone in dangers way. As vapers and business owners we know we are letting you down by closing even though we weren't mandated to do so. Please find it in your hearts to forgive us. For us, this was the best decision. Many sleepless nights have been spent brainstorming ways around it, but in the end this one made the most sense.

We sincerely hope you all stay safe and take care of one another, we will get through this together.

-Lori & Paul 


Online shopping has always been available and we will still get packages out while the world resets itself. Our suppliers are uncertain of the future as well, so we do not know when we be able to restock, but know that while we are closed, we have not given up. To help offset the inconvenience we forced upon you we have adjusted our shipping rates. If you have signed up for our rewards system, you can still log in and collect/redeem points from our website. 

When shopping online please be aware that we expect to have processing delays and can not promise same day shipping, but we will be doing our very best. Canada Post is also backlogged and experiencing shipping delays. They will not be honouring any shipping guarantee. This is out of our control so please have patience.

Age of majority purchases require a signature and will receive a pick up card in the regular mail. You will be required to pick up your package at the Canada Post outlet listed on your notice.