Federal Excise Tax

"An excise duty on vaping products, as announced in Budget 2022, is being implemented on October 1, 2022 through the introduction of a new excise duty framework. The excise duty applies to vaping substances that are manufactured in Canada or imported and that are intended for use in a vaping device in Canada." 


Twisted Coil Vapes (TCV) will have until December 31 2022 to move any non-stamped product out of the store. As of January 1st 2023 ALL e-liquids will have the Excise stamp and the tax will be applied at checkout. During the period between October 1st (when only stamped product can be produced) and December 31 (the last day retailers are able to sell non-stamped product) TCV will inevitably have both products in our stores and the consumer will be charged accordingly.

While we have made every effort to co-ordinate with our suppliers to be fully stocked on non-excised product to last until December 31, we have no way to predict consumer habits during this time and all current (non-stamped product) will sell at a first come first served basis. No pre-orders or holds will be available. 


Examples of tax per product:

  • 2mL filled pods (STLTH etc) will be $1/pod ($3/pk)
  • 6mL (Ghost MAX, ENVI etc) will be $3
  • 6.8-8mL disposables (Allo 1600, Vice, Mr.Fog etc) will be $4
  • 10mL disposables (Ghost MEGA, Flavour Beast, Allo 2500 etc) will be $5
  • 30mL bottles $7
  • 60mL bottles $10
  • 100mL bottles $14
  • 120mL bottles $16

This tax will be absorbed into the cost of the product (the way Excise works) and regular HST will be applied on top.