Coil Master Coil Winders Kit

Coil Master Coil Winders Kit

  • 1999

These coilers create the perfect micro coil, every single time!

Trap your wire, rotate the top cap and voila! A perfect coil in seconds.


1) Insert the socket screw into the appropriate hole of the winder top cap.

2) Insert wire through the hole on the side of the handle, leaving approximately 1/2" of the wire protruding from the hole. Hold the end of the wire so it won't pull through.

3) Pull the loose end of the wire around the shaft, turn the winder section (the top) so that it catches the wire and start wrapping it around the shaft. Keep light pressure on the handle when winding. 

4) Carefully remove your coil from the shaft


These are the kits with all 3 different diameters. 2.0mm 2.5mm and 3.0mm